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 PARENTAL WARNING:  Some of the short stories and novels available on this website contain mature themes, violence and or strong language. 

One Last Kill

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Abandoned Luncheonette

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magic without a wand

Eddie, a typical young boy, has an atypical experience, starting with a brief encounter with Big Foot. From there he embarks on a fanciful adventure where pop psychology waves its magic wand in the lives of literary icons from literature, nursery rhymes and legends. Come join the journey.

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End of the Line

Inspired by a Traveling Wilburys’ song, Tweeder and the Monkey Man, I wrote this story. From the first time I heard the song some twenty years ago I had a video of sorts in my head of the story line. I finally got around to writing it. It’s an interesting read and you’ll like it better if your listen to the song before or after reading. 

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Scarecrow Gospel

I was 21 years old when John Mellencamp released the album, Big Daddy. Many of the songs hit home with me. Theo and Weird Henry proved to be one of the most prominent.  Immediately the lyrics transported me to “moments in time” with my childhood best friend, Michael. He and I rivaled Theo and Weird Henry in antics, and hindsight makes everyday we had back then seem like a great adventure. Here is the url to the lyrics:  

Big Daddy, like other Mellencamp records, has a theme of sorts. It relates to hard living, probing for purpose in life and soul-searching after pondering the rough trails and less than charitable choices made in difficult times.   

In 2007, I set out to write a rock opera of sorts connecting all the tracks from Big Daddy. After a while the task took its toll of being more than I was willing to commit to emotionally. I molded what I had completed and fashioned a short story, focused on Theo and Weird Henry, but heavy with themes and ideas inspired by other songs from Big Daddy and layered with an infusion of Mellencamp’s overall body of music. 

Of course I understand only die-hard Mellenheads, Michael and me will pick up all the lyrical crumbs laid out in the story. Nonetheless, I hope you will find it to be a stirring and meaningful read.

In his 1987 song, Check It Out, John Mellencamp wrote:

Million young poets
Screaming out their words
To a world full of people
Just living to be heard
Future generations
Ridin´ on the highways that we built
I hope that they have better understanding

Scarecrow Gospel is my song. It’s for Michael Davis and all the guys who “ran the streets” with us and made life worth living.

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