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As a city councilman with the city of Morrow, Tom Laporte is responsible for representing the needs of the residents in his district.

Laporte, 38, the first Hispanic elected official in the county, began working in local government in 1998. He also is a full-time Special Education teacher in Fulton County, which he has done for the last 10 years.

As if his plate was not full enough, Laporte also moonlights as an author. He has written two children's books and has recently released a novel, Magnolia Revealed: A Mary Jack Campaign.

"I started writing in college," said Laporte. "I was upset about something and I wrote a letter to the editor of the school paper, and gained some response from that."

Soon he found himself writing a column for the school paper, and his love for writing grew from there.

He found inspiration for his new book while doing some spring cleaning, and going through several of the documents he had kept from his work with local government.

"I realized in government you generate a lot of documents and so I began writing the novel surrounded by local politics," said Laporte.

Laporte spent nearly two and a half years working on this novel;,drawing inspiration from the many women he encounters daily working in the education field.

"I thought it would be fun to write a character from a woman's perspective," he said. "She's a composite of the many different women I'm around."

Being a teacher has afforded him the ability for a flexible writing schedule, especially during the summer months, when he is on vacation.


"The council has been very supportive of the fact that they know it's something I'm interested in and spend a lot of time working on," he said.

Morrow councilman's novel touches on city politics
Female main character is also on a town council, deals with developers

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, August 10, 2006 by Eric Stirgus

Morrow City Councilman Tom LaPorte is a modern-day Renaissance man.

Teacher. Religious scholar. Jogger. Novelist.

A novel by Morrow City Councilman Tom LaPorte tells the tale of a councilwoman who looks for the truth about developers' plans.

Tom LaPorte's novel, 'Revealed, A Mary Jack Campaign,' seems loosely based on Morrow.

In June, Baltimore-based PublishAmerica published LaPorte's 329-page novel "Magnolia Revealed — A Mary Jack Campaign." It is the tale of Mary Jack Gordon, a woman appointed to the Magnolia City Council who is the lone voice of concern when developers submit plans to build Magnolia Meadows, a gated community in the city.