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H20-Did You Know?

Posted by tomlaporte on June 4, 2007 at 9:01 PM

Greetings!  Did you know that bottled water is NOT governed by the Safe Drinking Water Act or the EPA?  All public drinking water is.  So what�s the difference?  Huge, the bottled water is regulated by the FDA and thus only has to undergo about 12 tests for safety and contaminant control.  Public drinking water, aka TAP WATER, undergoes a stringent scrutiny of 100 tests.  It has only been in the last five years that bottled water has had to be tested and treated at all.  Yikes!!!!!


Here�s a shocker.  Most bottle water only removes the chlorine taste or smell.  That�s all.  That�s it.  That�s what we are paying for rather than purity or other meaningful concerns.  In fact, some 40-60 percent of all bottled water comes from a local water plant, not a beautiful free flowing mountain stream.


What�s the point of all this?  Well, at least I feel better about refilling my commercial water bottles with TAP waterJ


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