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Gone with the Weekend

Posted by tomlaporte on September 24, 2007 at 6:57 PM
Today proved to be a magnificent day and I have every indication that tomorrow will be another day.  That�s the philosophy of life that Margaret Mitchell breathed into her world-famous character, Scarlett O�Hara.

A couple of years ago Shannan and our friend, Joel, discovered I had never read the book or seen the movie, Gone with the Wind.  They sought to redeem me from such a sacrilege, especially as a southerner, so the two carted me to see the film on the big screen of the Fox Theater. 

Today I moved from redemption to absolution as the three of us paid homage to the forever memorialized Margret Mitchell, Scarlett and the epic masterpieces in print and on film.  We began our journey with a brief driving tour of Clayton County, the home of Gone with the Wind and a visit to the Road to Tara Museum in downtown Jonesboro.  The site houses a fine collection of information and memorabilia from Ms. Mitchell, the book, movie and various people associated with the phenomenal success of both.

Next, we drove to bustling midtown Atlanta and had a tour of the house where Margaret Mitchell wrote the majority of the larger-than-life story.  After abandonment, two arson attacks and millions of dollars, this is one of the finer house museums we�ve ever visited--and we have been to hundreds.  The facility begins with information on Mitchell�s journalism career--quite revolutionary for a woman of her times, then like at all museums, there is a video.  The museum lobby is adorned with tiles chronicling Margaret�s long-standing interest in writing and story telling.  Following that first portion of the tour, one can view artifacts related to the movie all in one building and then the tour heads off to the house.  Even after the two fires, most of �the dump,� as Mitchell dubbed her small apartment, remains in its original state. 

We then had a quick lunch at Hemingway�s on the Square in Marietta.  We thought it appropriate and thematic.  Moreover, Joel had top notch clam chowder there, and he is quite the connoisseur.

Our last stop on this whirl-Wind tour was Scarlett on the Square.  Here again, we saw much in the way of the many languages the book has been translated and published.  This center houses a nice assortment of cast, crew, movie production and premiere collectables.

Throughout the day we learned lots of minutia and trivial facts about Mitchell, and the key players of the book and movie.  Now, all we have to do is get on a game show with a Gone with the Wind category. 

 Next week, my companions and I will be off to the largest kangaroo farm outside of Australia.  That�s right; we are going to Dawsonville, GA.  But before then, we can all rest assure that Tomorrow Will Be Another Day! 



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