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Daryl Hall and John Oates released their second record in 1973.  It contained much of the same harmonies and soulful songs that led to their phenomenal success as songwriters and musicians.  Abandoned Luncheonette, the title track, was not released as a single and it’s a quirky song for sure.  It would be nearly seven years later that I was introduced to the group and instantly became a fan.  In fact their album Voices, would be my first musical purchase as a youth.  I first picked up the Abandoned Luncheonette album, yes the LP, in 1984 as I part of a goal to collect all of their records (by this time I was H & O fan-atic).  I found I liked many of the songs and particularly liked the cover art of the Abandoned Luncheonette (see below). 

On first hearing the title song made me long for an Abandoned Luncheonette to hang out in after school or during the summer.  I recently took out the CD.  Yes I still have the LP, however now the entire thing is a piece of art, much like the cover.  I played it in its entirety and the Abandoned Luncheonette song took me back in time. 

Inspired by the nostalgic trek to the days of my youth I wrote scenes related to the song.  I had fun filling in the gaps and adding my own little twist just for kicks.  I hope you enjoy reading this whimsical play on a great song.

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